Australian indie/pop music is having a stellar year in 2014 with so many great new artist coming to the forefront and releasing great tracks for us all. “Shoes” (listen HERE the new track by Brisbane based artist “Quintessential Doll” is one such track. The track is a preppy piece of pop music with that alternate edge which sounds so great when you listen to it that you’ll be coming back again and again to listen.

Quintessential Doll started out as the solo project of Steph Linsdell but has since grown and evolved as any musical project does to become a 5 piece group collaboration of Steph’s with an emerging electronica/rock/pop sound which sounds fresh, upbeat and a general splash of goodness in the air.

The track “Shoes” makes me remember the wave of indie/pop music that came out of Queensland in the mid 2000’s which was lead by the group “Operator Please” and Steph’s vocals on the track (now I’m not sure if this is just cause I was listening to a lot of her before I began listening to this track) remind of an “Ellie Goulding” meets “Kate Miller-Heidke” meets “Marina & The Diamonds feel.

Lyrically I think the song comes off a little bratty like the new feel “Charli XCX” is coming up with and it’s totally awesome. Steph sings “I don’t need your love cause I’ve got shoes“. HA! Sentiments echoed by me in my last breakup cause I mean really who needs someones love when you have shoes? She then sings “ I don’t need your love cause I got ideas, my ideas keep me company while your love makes me lonely, my ideas are entertaining, while your love is terribly boring“, the entire song is just like a bratty Ha I don’t need you I got everything I need here without that.

The track “Shoes” is released on June 26th with an EP set for a release in September produced by Linsdell and worked on with “Yanto Browning” who has previously worked with “The Medics” and “Kate Miller-Heidke”. Check out the link below to listen to the track on their soundcloud page.




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