How is it actually coming up on the second half of the year already? Either way the first half has been pretty exciting with Foxes, Lily Allen, Chet Faker, and many more having stellar releases and making waves across the net. Now for your pleasure I’m going to tell you about 8 artist that I think you should be paying attention to over the next six months and with any luck you’ll love them all just as much as I do. This is part 1 there will be a follow up with more musical goodness to come.

Kate Boy

If you know me at all in the least you’ll know that I have a deep, deep love for Swedish Pop Music. It’s just great. The greatness of swedish pop music is continued with the delightful moody and atmospheric pop-indie group Kate Boy. Though it has been over a year since the group released their last single “The Way We Are” the anticipation is has been growing and simmering under the lid waiting to burst open.
The group haven’t been doing nothing though, they’ve been touring all across Europe and the United States and throwing twitter followers hints that their long awaited debut album (title unknown) is coming and it’s coming soon!!
For those who haven’t had a listen to the group I’d tell you it’s like a quirky synth produced beat heavy day dream. “The Way We Are” is also a great song for relaxation and yoga or so I found out. Check out a live performance of The Way We Are by Kate Boy below.

Avec Sans

Lovers of blonde bobs and effortless 80’s disco vibes should be getting all over the London duo Alice and Jack also known as Avec Sans. I think it’s been about one year since I’ve started to follow the works of this quirky duo and every new track leaves me wanting more.
The two have been busy releasing remixes, DJ’ing across the UK and Europe all whilst of course working on their own music. A favourite of mine is the larger then life “The Answer” a track with a effortlessly huge chorus that demands you to belt out the song along with Alice.
The duo are set to release a new single “All Of Time” which is due out within the next month fingers crossed on my knees praying for no set backs.
Check out Avec Sans latest track “Shiver” and it’s accompanying video right down here.

Ballet School

Self described as “A ballerina rises on the tip of her toes appears to be weightless in the eye of the public. In deep meditation she overcomes pain to deliver a true Moment Of Grace. Ballet School is about learning grace” now if that ballerina was the love child of Cyndi Lauper and Mariah Carrey then that is definitely how I would describe Ballet School.
Germans always have a cool edge that underlays their music, it’s something I am quite fond of and Ballet School is no exception. The group have been working on a debut LP (title yet unknown) which is set for a late 2014 release date which is rather exciting after listening to tracks of theirs like “Ghost” which you can listen to below.

Little Daylight

Brooklyn rockers and all around indie-pop goodness “Little Daylight” have been making some big waves this year with their tracks “Overdose” and “Mona Lisa”. The group have appeared on some big late night TV appearances as well as being named on the line-ups for some big festivals across the United States.
Late 2014 signals the release of their debut LP “Hello Memory” a much awaited album on the top of my lists which unfortunately doesn’t have an Australian release date (but that won’t stop me from importing it). The marriage of synth, big drums and the indie-rock vibe that underlays their music is a beautiful ray of sunshine in the world and they’re well worth your listen.


End of Part 1, Part 2 to follow soon!


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