So lets start this off by saying I am frequently in the business of buying tickets to shows (in this case Bastille) purely because I want to see the opening act and then leave. Some may view this as a stupid idea wasting roughly $20 per 10 minutes of performance of the opening act, but I will tell you now when it comes to Foxes I would spend that money again and again and again on those 40 minutes she was onstage.

The lovely Foxes is currently touring with Bastille on their 4 date Australian Tour which this weekend will see them play 3 shows back to back along the wast coast of Australia. It had been 9 months since I had last seen Foxes perform at The Toff In Town in Melbourne and June 14th at Sydney Hordern Pavilion she showed that her live performances just continue to grow stronger and stronger.

She took the stage around 8pm and Foxes strode onto the stage draped in pastel toned crop top and flowing white dress topped by a long silk draped number which looked like a 60’s night gown (totally classy and beautiful). Crashing drums echoed throughout the area whilst the spotlight found Foxes and “Talking To Ghosts” begun.

From the get-go it was clear to everyone that Foxes was more then ready to be a headliner for a show that size and not just an opener. The staged bathed in green illuminated during “White Coats” a sense of sadness and longing echoed through her vocals. She commanded the audiences attention gliding across the stage during “Night Owls Early Birds” another big sounding number, peering out to the crowd and reaching to the audience during her big pop ballad and album title track “Glorious“.

It was clear though during her big numbers of the night that Foxes was a truly amazing live performer. Both “Youth“, “Holding Onto Heaven” and her ZEDD collaboration “Clarity” had the audience singing along in unison hangings waving in the air along with the singer who moved around the stage effortlessly. The night ended with the upbeat get your hands in the air and praise the higher power that is Foxes number “Let Go For Tonight” which had the entire arena alive with energy and dance (I think I actually saw someone behind me fall over they were dancing so hard).

Foxes has established herself as a powerhouse vocalist and an artist that demands your attention. Her stage presence and ability to command the rooms attention with her fun and energetic performances seem like they should be coming from a seasoned performer on their third or fourth album, she is ahead of her years. I simply cannot wait till she has another tour announced in Australia hopefully soon we will see the return of Foxes for a followup to her headlining tour back in 2013.



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