“Sia” the let’s be real for a moment greatest artist/songwriter to come out of Australia in the history of ever! had just released the second single for her coming album “1000 Forms Of Fear” a track entitled “Eye Of Thee Needle”. The track follows it’s predecessor “Chandelier” in the lead up to the July 8th and the song takes what can be felt as a much heavier, darker, sadder twist compared to the powerhouse that was Chandelier.

The track written by “Sia” and “Chris Braide” is a crushing ballad set over a sombre marching band sounding drum line and a equally open and raw piano riff. As always Sia’s vocals far surpass any of her fellow artist who she has worked with in the past. The track comes at you in this raw track full of emotion and honest feelings. I’m on my fourth listen of the track and I don’t think I’ve been able to stop myself tearing up once so far. Say what you want but Sia knows how to write a damn good track that will tear at your heartstrings.

Listen to the track below and Pre-Order a copy of 1000 Forms Of Fear now on iTunes and receive Chandelier and Eye Of A Needle now. HERE


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