English artist “Sam Smith” burst onto the music scene early this year with his breakaway hits “Stay With Me” and “Money On My Mind” and “Lay Me Down” and now he’s set to release his debut album “In The Lonely Hour” on Aussie shores on May 23rd. The album is a soulful pop release with the englishman sweet vocals soaring over beautiful melodies and riffs.

The album opens with the “Two Inch Punch” produced track “Money On My Mind” which is still tearing up the charts on the international scale. “Good Thing” a serene acoustic guitar and string ensemble affair is a sweet song about love and loss. Smith sings ”too much of a good thing won’t be good for long” over a guitar and piano before a constant drum beat becomes introduced to the song amping it up a bit.

Stay With Me” which is the latest single from the album is a soulful track with a choir chorus singing over the chorus “won’t you stay with me cause you’re all I need”. “Leave Your Lover” , “I’m Not The Only One” and “I’ve Told You Now” are both beautiful slightly sadder songs on the album. Both feature pianos and guitar and a steady rock derived drum beat.

Like I Can” is where the albums starts to pick up again. This song is HUGE!!! The production by “James Napier” is beautiful. There’s the guitar and big build up to the chorus and Sam’s voice really reached amazing heights and backed by the echo of a choir chorus again it’s simply stunning.

Life Support” is a sad song, there’s longing and sadness in the song but that echoes throughout most of the album like with “Not In That Way” another heavy and sad song on the album. The track that finishes the standard edition of the album is “Lay Me Down” which was also the debut single for “Sam Smith” it’s a nice way to finish off the album with the song that first launched him into the notice of others but it doesn’t feel like it rounds off the album in the way that it should.

In many ways I would say that “Sam Smith” is like the male equivalent of “Taylor Swift” in terms of subject matter and lyrics. There are a lot of sad break up songs and songs about relationships going bad, losing people, love and other such things associated with the subject. I wouldn’t call the album a break up album but it has some tracks on it which would suit well with that timing in your life. For me perhaps there’s too much sad moments in the album. It comes as a bit of a downer with only minimal uplifting moments. I would like to hear some more versatility and perhaps some more happier less “oh my god the world is ending I love you so much why can’t I have you” moments.

The album “In The Lonely Hour” is out May 23rd in Australia through iTunes and in-store. HERE


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