With the new season of X Factor prepping to start up we’ve been wondering what exactly was going on with last years winner Dami Im and where the follow up to her successful winners single “Alive” was. Well now we have the answer and it comes in the form of the up tempo love song “Super Love”.

Released onto Radio yesterday with a online release date set for May 16th this track could not come soon enough (to be honest we were starting to think Taylor Henderson had actually won with the amount Sony was doing with him). The verses to Super Love are driven by a piano chord progression which leads into the powerful chorus’s. Dami’s voice is epic still and reminds you of exactly why she was the winner of X Factor 2013.

Dami sings “We’re diamonds in the rough, the stars are made of us, nothing can bring us down, down, down, we got that Super Love” in the chorus her voice hitting those long pure notes which made Australia fall in love with her. Fans of Dami will not be disappointed with the track and it is well worth the wait.

Check out the teaser trailer for the Super Love video which is expected soon. PRE ORDER SUPER LOVE HERE!!!



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