The pop enigma that is Allie X has just unleaded her next instalment upon the world in the form of the distorted dark synth track “Bitch”. The track takes a slightly darker turn than the previous two released “Catch” and “Prime” in terms of feel of the song, however the subject matter/lyrics still remain that dark, twisted delight that we’ve came to know from Allie X.

Lyrically Allie X is singing about what seems to be the classic American housewife life, she sings “make the bed and do your laundry tuck the corners in, read the news the business section,” over a dark ominous rob drum line accompanied by equally ominous synth work. The chorus brings distorted vocals and an explosion on all ends as you’re assaulted by different sounds and what seems like static while she sings “I’m your Bitch, you’re my Bitch”. Of course Allie X isn’t going to be anyones bitch.

When I first heard the song I honestly thought this was a demo for Lana Del Rey or something but Allie X’s name is all over this track. Allie X is really becoming one of the most talked about artist in music this year. She’s releasing a constant flow of tracks three over the past three months, and all without a label or even really a bio of herself out there. She’s making a name for herself off her own hustle and she’s doing an amazing job of it.

Listen to the latest dark synth offering by Allie X “Bitch” bellow and grab the free download from sound cloud.


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