Pop’s most satirical, snarky and superb UK artist Lily Allen is back with a vengeance today with the Australian release of her third studio album “SHEEZUS”. After taking a hiatus she’s back now and she’s got some shit to say about the people in the music business. I’d suggest you get your ass out of your seat and get a copy of the album now because this is one LP you need to hear. I don’t quite get why everyones getting all pissy about the LP and giving it slack, but I suppose each to their own.

Sheezus takes in a lot of different genres throughout the 17 tracks on the Special Edition, from Electro Dub-step to some Synth sweetness and even a little bit of a honky-tonk/80’s upbeat feel on the track “As Long As I Got You”.  Sheezus is a mixed bag and a lot of people have been giving it crap because it doesn’t sound like a “cohesive” unit… so what? It doesn’t change the fact that Sheezus has some of the greatest songs I’ve heard in the past twelve months on it. So here’s my thoughts on each of the 17 tracks enjoy 😉


It’s Electro-Dubstep and it WILL get stuck in your head! It’s a slower song to start the album on but there’s nothing wrong with that. Lyrically she’s speaking about comparisons with artist, her fear of returning to the music business and well her periods. Your friends may begin to hate you also if you go around saying “Give me the crown bitch, I wanna be Sheezus” all day to them.

L8 Cmmr

“My man is a bad mothafucka” YES YES YES Lily just YESSSS!!! The verses are so fun to sing along to and there’s this sweet synth dreamy chorus and on so many levels it’s a massive yes from me. It’s about her husband too so that’s cute. It’s not just one of those songs that’s like “Omfg I love him, my life is great” things that other artist put out when they’re in a relationship too which is brilliant.

Air Balloon

Truth be told it kind of took me a while to get the references in this song I originally just passed it off as some docile la-de-dah dreamy pop song… I was wrong. It’s a fun song and it’s another screaming “Yes” from me. It makes me want to smoke something and float away in an air balloon.

Our Time

It’s another fun moment in the album. This time it’s talking about end of the week and getting ready to go out and have an insane weekend. “Let your hair down now it’s the end of the week yeah this is our time now just forget everything”. It’s a great song to listen to in the car on a Friday afternoon when you’ve just finished school/work.

Insincerely Yours

This song is a little bit eh. I don’t know it’s not for me after listening to the rest of the songs. It is fun with Allen taking stabs at artists and that female DJ we all know who’s popular for her body not for her skills on the decks, but Allen will smile cause she’s there for the money. It’s a cruise-y song with a hip/hop rnb beat fuelling it and some 80’s bass in the background.

Take My Place

Get the kleenex people cause it’s a sad one. There’s a sweet piano in the verses then it gets ramped up in the chorus. I don’t know why but on the first lesson I was balling my eyes out. “How can life be so unfair? I can’t breathe in fact I’m choking on the air”.

As Long As I Got You

Remember how I mentioned that song that had like country honky-tonk parts in it… well that would be this one. This song makes me giggle when I listen to it. People have been getting worked up about this track on the album saying it doesn’t fit because of that slight barn-yard dance feel with is bought by the accordion in the track but people remember “Not Fair”… it was country and we all loved it, so give the track a chance!!

Close Your Eyes

It’s a down tempo track with a great bass line to it. It’s like a love letter again to Allen’s husband, these sweet moments in the album are great especially when she changes the loving feel and drops lines like “C’mon ride me like a bike.”

URL Badman

Allen is taking the persona of a blogger in this song. This is Allen’s view on bloggers picking apart and writing horrid shit about artist that they don’t like even though they could just as easily ignore it and pass it off simply as something they don’t like, yet they feel the need to make an opinion. “Keyboard warrior that can’t spell, I don’t like you I think you’re worthless, I wrote a long piece about it up on my wordpress”. And by the way the chorus comes in with an electro-dub feel and it’s brilliant.

Silver Spoon

I’ve heard people call this track an “filler”… don’t know what those bitches are smoking cause I love this track. She takes an instrumental that is really classically a hip/hop rnb track then goes on about her privileged life growing up it’s a beautiful juxtaposition. She also sings about being asked the same questions over and over despite the facts she’s answered it millions of times before and she things “You don’t know me”.

Life For Me

Ok I’m not sure why but this song makes me want to watch The Lion King… I’m not even sure why… or maybe go on a Caribbean cruise? That’s just the feel that I get from the song. It’s a breezy song about Allen’s content with the life that she’s made for herself and doesn’t regret it when she looks online at her friends having fun times.

Hard Out Here

Still the all time favourite and probably always will be. Lily taking a stab at the music industry and Robin Thicke and lets not forget the amazing video that goes with the song. She raises a good point about misogyny and the way women are treated in the business and all the while delivering a great pop song.

Holding Onto Nothing

Piano, bass, drum, some choir-esq vocals. This song begins the second disc of the two disc Special Edition. I get why this is an bonus track, it doesn’t feel as strong as the ones that made the album.

Miserable Without Your Love

Allen’s speaking about how she can have everything in the world but she is still “Miserable without your love.” It’s nice but once again it’s didn’t make the standard edition and you can tell why. It’s a little slow which personally I’m not a fan of but who knows you might love it.

Somewhere Only We Know

This is a piano cover of “Keane” big hit Somewhere Only We Know from 2004. It’s like a lullaby and I can imagine Lilly singing this track to her children to fall asleep.

Why Do You Love?

This song is a little confusing to me lyrically. I’m not sure if Allen is telling me that her husband has another women or something or if this is all just a made up situation… If you’re having doubt in your partner maybe listen to this if you need strength to get the will to ask him to choose between you and his mistress?

Wind Your Neck In

WHY THIS IS A BONUS TRACK I WILL NEVER KNOW!!!!!! This may be my second favourite track off the album to be completely honest. It’s speaking about telling people to mind their own business and not giving a fuck about other peoples personal lives so why should they care about hers. It’s pop and brilliant, it’s just so great and you should buy the special edition just for this song!!

So there you have it that is my opinion on “Sheezus” if you don’t agree well that’s fine each to their own and I encourage you to make your own opinions always. You can download SHEEZUS HERE!!!


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