With 4 albums under his belt and lines of die hard fans following him everywhere Josh Pyke has cemented himself as a name to be reckoned with within Australian Music. Bursting onto the scene in 2005 with his first album “Feeding the Wolves” and the smash follow up “Memories & Dust” in 2007 Josh has toured his music high and low, collaborated with the likes of “Passenger”, “360” and “Bob Dylan” and many more. His sound is something to behold and even with his success he remains one of the most humble guys in music. POPHRT got to have a Q&A with Josh before he sets off on the Regional leg of his Lone Wolf Tour (dates at end of post) where he will be his own Lone Wolf on stage;

You’ve conquered the cities and now you’re heading regional with your lone wolf tour. why was it important for you to bring your live show to some of Australia’s more remote stages?

I think it’s as important to play your songs to as many people as you can, and the most direct, “no middle-man” way i know how to do that is to get out to regional areas, where people are keen to come to shows, but not that many acts make their way out there. I’ve always focussed a good portion on my touring on regional areas, and I always will, it’s rewarding to see people singing your songs back to you in places you’ve never been to before.

With four albums under your belt now and a slew of award nominations amongst them. has your process with creating new music changed?

Everything evolves and the creative process is part of that. I am more structured now than i used to be, in that i make time for writing and demoing. But i reckon i’m more experimental than before also, because i have a studio at home that i can lock myself away in and play with sounds and structures, but also because i feel like I finally know what i’m doing after 15 years of writing songs….it’s only now that i have a bit of confidence in what i can do musically!

You have some of the most dedicated and loving fans out there at the moment in music. do you feel the connection with them at your shows?

Absolutely! It’s what i love most about playing shows. That connection with the audience is what it’s all about. That’s also why I’m loving playing solo, as there’s an intimacy with solo shows that really allows the show to be a conversation, more than a monologue from me to them.

You’ve toured extensively for this last album was there any stand out moments from touring the past year or so that really stand out?

It’s all been amazing, but i think selling out the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, after having only played there once before on the Memories and Dust tour many years before. That was a big kick, and made me realise that things were still growing for me as a musician, which is pretty gratifying after 4 albums.

What can we expect from the Regional Tour?

It’s solo again, so me, a loop pedal, some guitars, and songs from the whole catalogue of my career.

Is there a certain regional town that you’re really excited to be visiting with the tour?

I’ve never been to Broome, so I’m keen to check that out. I think we have a day off there too, so I’ll be sussing out what can be done on the tourist front in one day.

You’re a self made artist who built your career off your own hustle do you have any words of advice for people out there who might want to follow in your steps?

No one will ever love or believe in your music more than you will, so don’t sit around waiting for someone to discover you, and never lose sight of who’s working for who.

When you go on tour what are the 5 things you cannot leave home without?

Hip Flask, Laptop, Ipad, sleeping pills, tour manager.

Music Journalist seem to be obsessed with making comparisons with artist, how do you feel about comparisons being made with you and other artist?

Comparisons are helpful for people to put you in a certain context when they’re trying to explain what you do in a short amount of time. I don’t really mind too much. I’ve never seen what I’d call an accurate comparison, but if it helps people for me to be compared with Passenger, or Lior, or Bob Evans, then I’m fine with it, coz i love those guys, even if i think we all play very different music.

What does the future hold for Josh Pyke after this tour?

After this tour I’m n tour with the Beatles White Album Concert Series, which is selling like crazy, and then it’ll be back to writing and demoing at home!

Josh brings his “Lone Wolf Tour” to some of the most regional stages across Australia in the coming months. Check out the dates bellow and be sure to catch him at one. Download Josh Pykes latest album “The Beginning And End Of Everything” HERE!!!



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