Okay so not going to lie I’ve been listening to the new self titled EP from Aussie Folk/Pop/Rock band “Fox & Fowl” for the past hour and I actually haven’t moved past the first track “Jungle Punch”! The current play count is at 16 and I’m finding it really hard to press next because I don’t ever want to stop listening to this track. It’s so fun, it’s kind of got a San Cisco meets Mumford And Sons vibe with a Vampire Weekend twist and a fun xylophone playing in it and it’s taking me a lot of self control to press pause to write this.

Fox & Fowl are a 5 piece group originally hailing from Canberra, and much like myself the group escaped the grey abyss of Canberra (after getting some big notice playing Foreshore MainStage in 2011) to travel the world for 12 months before settling in the sunshine state to record this their debut EP. The EP which is set for release on April 18th features four songs “Jungle Punch’, “Neon Colours”, “Birds On A Wire” and their latest single “Pilot”.

There’s not a dull moment on this EP, it’s all upbeat, fun, funky, frigin amazing danceable music. The first two tracks “Jungle Punch” and “Pilot” have to be my favourites though, they’re both insanely great tracks. The EP is influenced by their life’s studying in Canberra, their travels around the Americas and their resettling in Queensland. The gypsy life it seems for leads to creating great music.

The band have a great energy about them, and they look like the funnest people to hang out with (as seen in their Pilot video). They have that folky, indie sound but not too much in a way that it doesn’t appeal to a pop music lover. They have a bright future, I mean anyone that can live through Canberra and come out of it sounding like they do can do anything.

Not only are the group releasing their debut self-titled EP on the 18th of April but on the 9th of May they’re setting out on an 3 date East Coast launch tour visiting Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. If you want to get out there and check out the group in action and dance your ass off to their feel good music you can find the dates and ticketing information just under this video of their latest single “Pilot”.



Fox & Fowl EP Launch Tour

Friday May 9th

Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

tickets here $10 or at the door 7:30pm

Friday May 23rd

MUM at MUM Bar, Sydney

tickets at the door 7pm

Saturday May 24th

Black Night Crash, Melbourne

tickets at the door 8pm


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