The dainty and adorable UK singer Foxes is back with the third single from her coming LP “Glorious” (May 9 AUS, May 12 UK/US) with the stunningly beautiful video to accompany her get on your knees and praise the skies song “Holding Onto Heaven”. The single that was originally released in December in Latin America as a promo single will now be available worldwide on April 18th HERE.

Foxes has been teasing us for a few weeks with little snippets of the video on her Instagram which was really beginning to kill me after already suffering a three month push back of the album release.  But the wait as always with Foxes was well worth it. She delivered a beautiful almost throw back video set at a party that looks like it’s from another time (or perhaps just a gathering of hipsters I don’t know it could be either).

The video starts with Foxes sitting at a table surrounded by tired party goers as she plays with a music box, standing and walking around the slowly moving people. As the chorus approached though the shot widens and you can see the scene mirrored on the roof but the roof party is much more energetic and lively. The camera turns upside down and as the chorus comes crashing in their is life and frivolity amongst Foxes and the party guest.

There’s dancing, there’s fun, there’s moustaches and best of all there is Foxes looking stunning as always twirling around the party dancing and laughing. After watching the video I think I now know exactly what I want my 22nd to be. Watch the Holding Onto Heaven Video below.


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