Just Dance

On this day April 8th 2008 Lady Gaga officially released her first single “Just Dance” into the world. Since then the track has been nominated for a Grammy, performed to a countless number of people and become one of the most successful debut singles from an artist. In the 6 years that the song has been around Gaga has performed it so many times, each performance being spectacular. So to celebrate 6 years of Just Dance here are my top 6 live performances of the song.

6. Youtube Critical Eye Performance

One of the first recorded performances of the song. I miss those two back up dancers.

5. The Monster Ball

Even after seeing the song performed live on the promo tour and The Fame Ball the Monster Ball performance is something special. The choreography, the lights, the outfit. B E A UTIFUL.

4. Sommarkrysset

Sommarkrysset is a cool performance, the crowd is so horrible and dull but Gaga still gives it everything.

3. Rove

I was 15 or something and I was standing in front of my TV with my phone recording the screen screaming internally at Lady Gaga’s first Australian TV performances. She lets go, goes hard and it’s fucking unreal.

2. Cherrytree Sessions

The Cherrytree Sessions performance is one of my faves because it’s just different from her other performances. It’s stripped back and really shows off her voice.

1. Miss Universe 2008

This one is probably my favourite just because this was the first time that I was introduced to Lady Gaga. I have the date of Miss Universe 2008 saved in my calendar still 6 years on. It’s my special little performance first time I was introduced to the woman who played a significant part in shaping my teen years.




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