This week I’m writing to you guys about a cool little indie pop band that are actually a brother and sister duo also. Their name is Blondfire and they’re made up of brother and sister duo Bruce and Erica Driscoll. The group have just came off a line of shows this year featured on the South by South West line up and have a line-up of catch indie pop song behind them as well as their debut self produced LP release “Young Heart”.

Originally the duo began writing and producing music in their family basement and touring locally as a group called “Astaire”. Their music actually got a lot of hype in music and fashion blogs of the time however there was a little trouble brewing. Awkwardly enough mid-tour the duo were contacted by the estate of Fred Astaire and were asked to stop using the name immediately… personally I don’t get it. I mean it’s not like they were going around saying they were Fred Astaire, never the less the duo changed their name to Blondfire and released an acoustic EP on iTunes of their old songs.

In 2006 the duo reported they had signed to EMI Records in the UK for a breif time releasing an album under their own label with limited release within EMI. The album’s title was “My Someday” and featured some moody/guitar and synth groove tracks. However things with EMI didn’t last long and in 2008 the duo reported they had parted ways.

Parting with EMI didn’t bother them, they released the track “Where The Kids Are” in 2011 along with a music video. This track is probably my favourite of theres to date. The track is a big indie pop collision of sound. Erica’s voice is seriously something you need to witness. The duo were hitting back hard after leaving EMI and in 2012 signed to Warners Music re-releasing “Where The Kids Are” with a new video.

Now in 2014 they’ve released their second album “Young Heart” on the Warner Label and are already getting great success with the album. Where The Kids are has featured on some big TV commercials, and the album has been receiving positive reviews all around. There is no limit to what this brother and sister duo can achieve. The effortlessly blend the indie rock vibe with synth pop undertones to create a blend that is really something everyone can love.

Check out Blondfire’s album “Young Heart” on iTunes HERE!

And I would also like to thank the reader who suggest this group to me. If you’d like to suggest someone, or if you yourself are an artist and would like me to share my thoughts on tracks on my blog you can contact us on




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