Swedish Trio NoNoNo have just released their debut album ” We Are Only What We Feel” onto iTunes in selected countries via Warner Music. Whilst the album is not available in Australia yet (nor do we ever have a set release date) through the help of some delightful Germans we’ve just managed to stream the album and let me tell you it’s some of the most experimental, moody  yet amazing synth music that you’ll ever hear.


The bands sound is ever changing throughout the album, from the anthem that is “Pumpin Blood” full or rich tribal drums and that whistle, to the moody and eerie ballad “Echo”. The band has really let loose and let a lot off different sounds and experiments occur with their music. Inspired by the Swedish Winter the album could be described as a musical experiment which allowed them to work inspired by each other and their surroundings to create an album that is uniquely NONONO.

The definite highlights of this 10 track debut LP would be the tracks “Jungle”, “One Wish”, “Hungry Eyes” and “Fire Without Flame”. The track “One Wish” is a great uplifting song that features a choir chorus and a beautiful piano riff. Tracks like “Echo” and the album closer “Love” have a very dark, atmospheric feel to them. These tracks are where you can really feel that vibe that the Swedish winter gave them come through in the music.

Whilst the album isn’t available yet on iTunes here, check the link below for your countries iTunes download. HERE

This is a great debut LP for the band and really cements them with a cleaver and sophisticated feel to their music. The album is full of experiments and I think it had a little track to suit everyone’s music tastes. Check out the trios runaway success track Pumpin’ Blood below.




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