Back in 2012 the happiest most cheerful song about killing your boyfriend was released by Natalia Kills, and you if you haven’t heard it maybe you should take a look at your life choices and figure out why you haven’t already. “Kill My Boyfriend” the fourth single from Kill’s debut album “Perfectionist” remains one of the catchiest pop/rock songs I’ve ever heard.

The track was produced by Junior Caldera whom Kills would later work with on his single “Lights Out”. If you’re ever looking for a up-beat song to go along with the destruction of a relationship then this song is certainly for you.

I think the best part about any Natalia Kills song is that she’s not shying away from telling us exactly how she feels. Kills tells it as it is, she leaves in all the gritty details, all the emotion, preferring to let it all out into the light rather then hide behind a veil.

The music video also is like a little mini masterpiece. It’s a 1960’s inspired suburbia horror film complete with high fashion, slick hair and milk. Kill’s documents a horrible relationship and all the thoughts about killing the boyfriend playing them out in style.

Watch the video below, it’s really worth your time.


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