Are you a fan if catchy electronica pop matched with crystal clear vocals? Yeah? Then the latest pop offerings from currently unsigned Canadian Artist/Producer Allie X is something right up your alley.

I know that it’s a horrible thing to make comparison between artist but sometimes you’ve just gotta make some so here goes mine. Imagine Lea Michelle met CHVRCHES at an 80’s Rave and decided to make music together… Well thats how I would described “Prime”.

The song starts off with this dreamy landscape of synths and echoes of “Prime” before it comes crashing down and enters into a hard edge electronica dance floor world. Seriously though one listen and you’re hooked to this song. I first heard it six hours ago and I haven’t listened to anything else since.

Allie X has seemingly came out of nowhere and is breaking through all the walls now with her songs attracting some big name love behind them. She is an amazingly talented producer with both of her released songs self produced. Her vocals are on point too. They’re kind of high pitched, stunningly beautiful and echoes of an artist that’s been in the game for years .

I hope we hear a lot more from Allie X this year because her music is addictive and now I really need more.

Check out the song “Prime” bellow.



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