This musical discovery comes courtesy of a Facebook Promotion for the band, which is becoming a frequent story of how I find new music these days but either way I am very glad that I did. Autumn is an new indie/electronic duo formed by Jay Kane and Thomas Hobbs hailing from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The duo have just uploaded their first song to their Triple J Unearthed profile titled “Ghost”

Ghosts is a slower indie/RnB  song, there can’t be compared to many its a different kind of melancholy production and sweet vocals that really sets this song apart.  The vocals on this track is so soulful and brilliant, with each line you can really feel emotion behind it and it just lifts the track up to another level. I think there was a point when I first started listening to this song that I was drawing in some Lorde feels with the vocals but it’s clear that Jay’s vocals stand out by their own.

Seeing as this is the only song I’ve actually heard from the group I’m still really excited to hear more from Autumn and I hope that one day I will even get to interview them for the blog and talk about their music with them.




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