CHVRCHES my favourite alternate/electronic trio ever since the beginning of music have stunned me yet again whilst performing an 80’s dance floor/icy cover of Lorde’s song “Team” on BBC Live Lounge. CHVRCHES have done some amazing covers in the past including songs from Haim and Prince, and honestly every time I hear one of their covers I just love it so much more then the original (sorry not sorry).

Recorded whilst at BBC1’a Live Lounge the group mentioned how they wanted to cover the track ever since seeing Lorde perform the track at Laneway where CHVRCHES also played after being impressed by her spectacular live show. The cover is simply put spectacular, like I love Lorde’s original but now I wish CHVRCHES had wrote the song and had it on their debut album instead.

Martin said “It’s a lot of fun because we get to put our own stamp on it and reinterpret it in a fun way,” when asked about the cover. It’s true this new version is fun, it’s got that Cyndi Lauper/Whitney Houston feel to it which is a bit refreshing after the original being a bit more dark and RnB.



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