SHEEZUS, Lily Allens new album is coming soon May 5th to be exact about it, and the UK pop princess has now made the album available to those in the UK to preorder + you can know see the album cover + track listing!!! It’s been a while since Allen’s last album and she’s hitting back hard with tracks like Air Balloon, and Hard Out Here, Sheezus is set to be one of the stand out albums of 2014.

The cover which is shown with the UK Preorder features Allen standing in the doorway of a mansion dressed in black and holding onto two Corgis with the words “Divide Et Impera. Quidquid Latine Dictum Altum Videtur” which translates to “Divide And Rule. Whatever is said in Latin sounds profound”. BEST USE OF LATIN EVER!!!!!

Photo 10-03-2014 11 54 31 am


MAY 5th 2014

  1. SHEEZUS (Explicit)
  2. L8 Cmmr (Explicit)
  3. Air Balloon
  4. Our Time (Explicit)
  5. Insincerely Yours (Explicit)
  6. Take My Place
  7. As Long As I Got You
  8. Close Your Eyes (Explicit)
  9. URL Badman (Explicit)
  10. Silver Spoon (Explicit)
  11. Life For Me
  12. Hard Out Here
  13. Wind Your Neck In (Bonus Track) (Explicit)
  14. What Do You Love? (Bonus Track) (Explicit)
  15. Miserable Without Your Love (Bonus Track) (Explicit)
  16. Holding Onto Nothing (Bonus Track)
  17. Somewhere Only We Know (Bonus Track)

There’s no news yet as to when the pre-sale will be available in Australia yet but check back cause we will be updating you when it is!


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