Elizabeth Rose


If you’re a fan of Triple J or just a fan of good music then chances are you’ve heard of the pixy-like Sydney producer/artist Elizabeth Rose, and if you haven’t well like have you been living under a rock? Get on it! Rose has two EP’s under her belt and a slew of moody RnB/Pop songs behind her which has cemented her as one of the must listen to artist from Australia. Between playing Festivals, working on music for her debut LP and venturing on her own National Tour (see dates at bottom of post) Rose was gracious enough to take time out of her increasingly busy schedule to answer a few Q&A’s for popHRT.

1. Describe the Elizabeth Rose sound in 5 words.

Fun, colourful, moody, heavy, RnB.


2. You’ve been touring quite a lot with this new EP embarking on your own solo tour as well as playing at Festivals over Australia. What has been your best touring moment so far?

Going to America last year in October! I had never been overseas before so it was quite the trip for me! Played 6 shows at CMJ in New York and had about 4 days to do touristy things which was great.


3. Your live shows have changed a lot since your beginnings now with a keyboardist on stage with you. Was that a conscious choice of yours to grow as a live act? Or did you just sort of wake up one day and be like “oh I should have a keyboardist on stage with me”/

Yeah I’ve known from the start that I wanted to gradually build up my live show..this feels like a natural progression forward and having a keyboardist is working well! I’m now able to get down and boogie.


4. You’re known as quite the talented artist and producer. What first got you into production side of music and what influences you when it comes to producing a song?

My older brother is a producer/DJ and I grew up watching him write/produce music – that was what got me into it all from a very young age. The mood I’m in heavily influences the type of production I’ll do on a track, but also what the track is about obviously plays a big part.


5. If you could colab with any artist living or dead who would it be and why?

The Knife – I have been a big fan of theirs for years and I am just so interested in what they do as artists.


6. What was your first musical purchases;

CD; ‘Aqua’ Barbie Girl album

Vinyl: Joni Mitchell ‘ Hejira’ 

iTunes:  Lusine ‘A Certain Distance’ album

Cassette: The Lion King ha 


7. You spoke recently on Twitter about writing music about the subject of gay rights and equality. Is that a subject you’ve been interested in exploring with your music before? And is it a topic that is personal to you and something that you really want to talk about and share with your music?

Yeah I’ve never really written a song about anything like that in the past – it is personal to me because I have gay friends who are being denied this simple right and it makes me really sad so I wanted to express how I felt about it through song!


8. These days it seems every artist seems to be compared to others. How do you feel about comparisons made in music? And what is best (good or bad) comparison you’ve heard about yourself?

Yeah I really hate comparisons…I mean sure some people sound similar to other artists and it’s used as a point of reference but it’s annoying when people label a sound to describe it to a friend who hasn’t heard it yet – it can totally ruin the first impression and initial judgement. I think the absolute worst comparison I’ve been given is to Lady Gaga (wut???)….the best comparison is to Fever Ray because I’m a huge fan of hers.


9. You’ve been touring a lot, so what would be your 5 must have’s when you’re packing for a tour?

Track suit pants

Echinacea / vitamin C tablets


My memory foam pillow (for my bad neck!)

Eye mask/ear buds


10. What are your current most played songs in your music library?

‘Unravel’ by Bjork and then my current works-in-process for the album 


You can catch Elizabeth Rose on her National Tour in support for her latest self titled EP which you can get HERE!


Elizabeth Rose + SAFIA + Fishing
National Tour


Friday 7 March – Bleach Festival, Gold Coast
Saturday 8 March – Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane
Thursday 13 March – Wollongong Uni, Wollongong
Saturday 15 March – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Friday 21 March – Academy, Canberra
Saturday 22 March – Pirie Social Club, Adelaide
Friday 28 March – The Factory, Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore 
Friday 4 April – King Street Hotel Supperclub, Newcastle
Saturday 5 April – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney 
Friday 11 April – Amplifier, Perth
Saturday 12 April – Mojo’s, Fremantle


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