So last week I went to CHVRCHES concert at The Metro in Sydney and for the most part it was amazing. There was however one part of the night that I did find a massive letdown and to be honest a little disgusting, and that was a select few members of the crowd behind me that decided it was ok to scream out derogatory slurs to Lauren in between the songs.

Maybe it’s just me but the way I think of it is I don’t care if you’re paying to see someone perform or if it’s  a free show either way that person has given up their time to perform for your enjoyment, so what gives you the right to yell things like “Take off your shirt”, “Work that mic stand girl” and the ever so classy “Bend over girl”. I think it’s disgusting that anyone would say such things to an artist, I mean do you really think they’re going to be impressed by your slurs? Do you think you’re cool for objectifying someone? Someone I might add that has a Degree in Law and a Masters in Journalism?

I think people who yell out such things really should be booted from any concert, because the individual obviously has no respect for the artist and think that just because the person is female that it’s somehow OK to objectify and yell such disgusting comments at her. This is of course isn’t just an occurrence for CHVRCHES concerts it’s all concerts there’s always those few peoples who have maybe had a few too many drinks that get a bit loud, over confident and start to yell such things, it’s just that it’s something that I didn’t expect to hear at this type of show.

I actually took my time out after the show to tweet an apology to the band because I felt so bad that people in the crowd had done so. I hope I never have to witness such a hideous thing again at a concert. People need to have some god damn respect for the artist, and if that’s how you act in public then I’d hate to see how you act behind closed doors. I hope at the next show you think about what you’re about to yell to the female performer or indeed any performer on stage, because they shouldn’t have to put up with your crap. Take a look at yourself, re-evaluate decisions and I hope you never do it again.

(As a side note everyone should read Lauren Mayberry’s piece on Misogyny in Music it’s an amazing piece to read and really puts situations like this into light)



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