porcelain black

She’s loud, she’s a little obnoxious at times, she’s a bad ass rock n’ roll bitch in a bubble gum pop star dominated genre she is Porcelain Black. Hailing from Detroit Porcelain (aka Alaina Beaton) draws on the soul of the burnt out industrial city and channels it into her raw, gravely vocals married with the pop core of her music in a way that is uniquely Porcelain Black.

I was actually first introduced to Porcelain Black back in 2008 by a friend in High School whilst Porcelain was going by the stage name “Porcelain And The Tramps”. Back then she was an Myspace artist signed to Virgin Records releasing music on her page such as “Fuck Like A Star”, “Transparent” and my favourite “Redlight District”. I can remember clearly back to it and I remember that her voice was what first attracted me to her. She has this uniquely gravely quality to her voice a real rock n’ roll edge which I had never really heard in music from my generation before.

Since 2008 a lot has happened for Porcelain Black whilst it also feels like not much really has at the same time. In 2009 Porcelain split from Virgin Records after three years fighting to be released from her contract when the label wanted to “manufacture” her sound to sound more commercial and lost it’s industrial rock n’ roll edge.

In 2009 Porcelain adopted her current stage name and signed to RedOne’s Universal Republic imprint 2101 Records and began to record her debut album “Mannequin Factory” or “Black Rainbow” we’re still a little uncertain as to what the title of said album actually will be. Whilst initially signed to this new contract with 2101 records Black penned songs for artist such as One Direction all whilst working on her own material.

In 2011 the world got their first taste of the new Porcelain Black in the form of the dance-pop/industrial “This Is What Rock N’ Roll Looks Like feat Lil Wayne”. The song served as a “fuck the haters in high school” revenge song which was backed up in the music video. Porcelain’s new music perfectly represented her as an artist as a self described “love child of Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson”. Black embarked on a personal tour promoting her new music including “Naughty Naughty” and “Mannequin Factory” visiting nightclubs and performing on The David Letterman Show all the while hinting that an album was coming soon.

Originally hinted at a 2012 – start of 2013 release Porcelain Blacks debut LP she shrouded in mystery with fans having not heard any new material since October 2011. Then came the news that no music fan wants to hear, the album had been delayed till 2013 first quarter, then again till the second quarter…. then the third quarter… and now it’s expected sometime in 2014 (fingers crossed praying to Jesus no more delays). That being said 2013 did bear some new fruits for Porcelain when she performed an intimate show in Hollywood and subsequently released 5 new songs over 5 weeks following the show including Mannequin Factory, Mama Forgive Me and Pretty Little Psycho.

Personally (even though she’s blocked me on Twitter after I suggested she find a new manager after all of the delays) I love her music, her sound is different from anything else out there. You can compare her to other pop contemporaries but really she is a unique talented artist who just so happens to have shitty luck when it comes to record labels.

Porcelains career has been riddled with delays, arguments with labels and other misfortunes but we are hoping that 2014 is going to be the year that we will finally see the release of a debut LP! So keep a look out for her cause she’s coming (we’re just not sure when).


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