For the second time in 7 months I was front row in front of the microphone eagerly awaiting CHVRCHES to take the stage (whilst also doing the macerina). When the lights go out and the eerie synth intro starts to play it’s like the beginning of a new age religious experience in the house of CHVRCHES.

The Scottish trio played a 13 song set with the songs from their debut album “The Bones Of What You Believe” and honestly I just didn’t want it to ever end.


It’s still an amazing sight to see the trio on stage, Lauren who is just so short belts out these huge notes which left me standing there in amazement. The boys also put on quite a show at The Metro too. I think they seem to go underrated with people seeming on focus mostly on Lauren but Martin and Iain go hard. When I looked over to the left Iain was always either grooving on his bass/guitar or head banging while he worked his synths.

Martin when he performed “Under The Tide” last night was like having a religious experience. Martin danced around the stage like a man possessed going through an exorcism and it was great, and defiantly a highlight of the show for me.


CHVRCHES staging had changed a lot since their show at The Corner. Now centre stage on the pack wall stands a giant LED piece of the artwork from the “RECOVER EP”. There’s also small LED triangles on the front of both Iain and Martins set ups all which light up, blink, change colours and move in patterns. The show is much slicker now and echoes the growth the band have had touring the last year.


If you still have never seen CHVRCHES live then I really don’t know what’s wrong with you. CHVRCHES destroyed The Metro last night with their pristine electro-pop music leaving everyone wanting more, and leaving me a little depressed and waiting for another tour announcement so I can see them again.




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