FOXES… it’s a name you’ve probably heard at least once in the past two years and if you read this blog then you’ll probably have a good idea of who she is. But for those who may think that she’s a German EDM producer or part of Rudimental allow me to enlighten you with the music of Louisa Rose Allen aka Foxes.

Foxes hails from the land of crumpets and tea the United Kingdom, having grown up in South Hampton she was later encouraged by her sister to move to London to study music (the study didn’t last very long) and it is now London that she calls her home. The name “Foxes” came about after a friend suggested the name to Louisa as a joke who then called her Mother who told her about a dream she had of Foxes running up and down the street singing, and that ladies and gentlemen is how the Foxes got her name.

Music had always been in Foxes blood, from a young age she knew that music wasn’t just a passing fancy or hobby it was her dream and she was willing to work in order to make that dream a reality. In 2012 after moving to London Foxes released her first EP “Warrior” on Neon Gold which featured one of my favourite songs “White Coats”.

Quickly following the Warrior EP was the single “Youth” also on the Neon Gold Records label and little did anyone know but this song was about to launch Foxes directly into the public spotlight. Youth got the attention of young EDM producer ZEDD who after a line of emails and Skype conversations got Foxes to feature on a song that he had written called “Clarity”. In an interview at the 2014 Grammy Awards Zedd said “I heard her voice and I was like wow she is perfect for this song.” Clarity reached in the top of the charts over the world on the dance charts and propelled Foxes into the spotlight, although she didn’t really realise it at first being still busy on her own career.

ZEDD wasn’t the only one to notice the potential in Foxes with the TV show “Gossip Girl” picking up the song to feature on an episode. Youth continued to make it’s way through the headphones of the public picking up attention from the public and other artists. A year after the initial release of Youth and Foxes was being featured on big artist records like Fall Out Boy and Rudimental.

In mid 2013 after recording for a myriad of other artist Foxes re-released a slightly remixed version of “Youth” and set out on a worldwide tour. During 2013 Foxes played the SXSW festivals, as well as appearing at Glastonbury with Fall Out Boy before touring the UK, America, Manilla and even here in Australia (last November I was there) performing to crowds and being shocked every night to find people in the crowds knew her music and not just her guest appearances.

Nearing the end of 2013 Foxes began releasing information about an LP that would be released in 2014 revealing the name and release date of “Glorious” due out Feb 28 (AUS) and March 3 (worldwide.  In 2014 fans were overjoyed to see the follow-up single to “Youth” being released just after New Years. The song entitled “Let Go For Tonight” is an upbeat dance till you die from exhaustion type of song with an equally stunning and fun video clip to go with it featuring a lot of cake. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet but Foxes loved cake… like LOVES…. probably more then anything in this world she LOVES CAKE!!!!!

With her debut album “Glorious” now less then a month away from release here in Australia I think it’s safe to say that the world is watching Foxes to see what she can do. 2014 Foxes casts off the shackles of being known as a featuring artist and is striving forward with her unique beautiful voice and bubbly personality to carve her name into music history. I wish her the best for 2014 and I simply cannot wait for a return tour and to hear this new album.


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