It’s gotta be a big nerve wrecking deal to be just 17 and nominated for a Grammy but can you even image the nerves when you’ve got to perform in front of a room of peers and then just minutes later go on stage to accept your first Grammy win?!?! Well that’s just what Lorde has just done and might I say she did it quite well.

First she took the secondary stage with a backdrop of weeping angel statues and accompanied by a two-piece band to perform a re-worked version of her smash hit “Royals”. I want this re-worked version on my iPod like now! It was brilliant, the start was toned down and eerie and sent shivers down my spine. Lorde’s vocals as always cannot be flawed, if she was nervous in the least then it didn’t show on her face as she blasted out the tune with the cool, calm demeanour of someone twice her age.

It was less then 30 minutes later that Lorde’s first nomination category was up ” Best Pop Solo Performance”, and lets be real was there really any second thought that she would win the category? Yes Lorde was up against some heavyweights int he pop community but “Royals” was easily the best song up for nomination. Lorde took the stage to accept the award and like any good nervous, awkward teenager her acceptance speech was AH-MAZE-ING!!! I know that it wasn’t meant to be comedic but it just was so funny and good. The highlight of which was the ending simply saying “I can’t” and walking off stage… PRICELESS.

So Ta-Da Lorde’s been to her first Grammy awards and in one single night killed the hopes and dreams of singers like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber etc who have been trying to get the award for 6 years. Let us all have a toast to the little singer from New Zealand, here’s to you Lorde and may there be many more amazing years for you in music.


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