Everybody stop what you’re doing and start to lose your shit cause Kylie Minogue’s new song “Into The Blue” has made it’s way onto the internet for all to behold. LISTEN TO IT HERE

It’s been a few years since Kylie graced us as the one true Pop Goddess Of Love with her album “Aphrodite”. Since then she’s changed labels and celebrated 25 years in music and released two songs “Skirt” (clubbing, sultry, hard) and “Timebomb” (groovy, synthy, amazeballs). “Into The Blue” sounds a lot more like the classic Kylie that we all know and love. Her vocals are beautiful and when I listen to it all I can think about is walking down a city street in the rain singing this song (not sure why I just do).

2014 is the year Kylie has promised to return with a new album, and judging by this song and the other two she’s released the pop world better hold onto their weaves cause Kylie is coming for you.


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