He looks like a 1950’s good guy movie star and sings with the soul of the greats, his name is Willy Moon and you should really take some time to listen to this 24 year old from New Zealander.

“Willy” aka William George Sinclair is a New Zealander by birth but moved to Europe when he was 18 and is not settled in London. He blends the heart and sound of 1950’s rock n’ roll with hip-hop production. I know thinking about it these sounds just really should not go together but Willy has found a way to make them just fit so good.

He started out as all artist did back in 2010 by releasing music on his MySpace space, which later got the attention of Island Records and led to him being signed to Island, Universal label. By the end of 2010 Willy had his first EP “Willy Moon” released and was making the statement with his unique sound.

In late 2012 Willy began releasing new music that would be featured on his first LP “Here’s Willy Moon.” Late 2012 early 2013 saw the release two songs “My Girl” and “Yeah Yeah” my personal favourite from the album.

His debut LP “Here’s Willy Moon” was released in April 2013 through Cherrytree Records is short, sweet and too the point. There’s only one song that breaches the 3 minute mark but still every second of the album is pure gold. The album is self produced by Willy himself and doesn’t just take different genres and gently marry them together, no Willy instead smashed them together in a collision of sound and noise to create a somewhat violent in some places sound which is what I really love about his music.

Willy Moon is a sleek, stylish man of substance. His music doesn’t waste a single note, not being drawn out and never dull Willy is a man we should all have on our iPods and be watching out for what 2014 is going to bring for him and his music.


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