“NoNoNo” is a Swedish tri0 made up of vocalist Stina and production duo Astma & Rockwell and before you say anything the groups music will not have you saying “no no no” it’ll have you screaming “YES YES YES!”.

2013 really saw the push forward in commercial radio of that synth fuelled indie sound with bands like “London Grammar” and “CHVRCHES” leading the push, and in 2014 “NoNoNo” are continuing the push with a fresh new Swedish twist to it. The group came together in 2012 when Stina was out together with Asthma and Rockwell and since then they group haven’t looked back releasing “Like The Wind” and then my favourite song the upbeat anthemic percussion and whistle driven track “Pumpin Blood” releases through Warner.

“Pumpin Blood” is an amazing song, the whistling hook gets stuck in your head real easily and you just want to keep listening to it over and over again and whistling that hook all damn day long (unless your like me in which case you’ll spend all day tying to whistle and just look retarded whilst trying).

Looking at the name of the group you might think it’s a little strange but there is a really uplifting sentiment behind the name. The group adopted the name after early in their existence being pushed into situations as musical projects that they didn’t want to do. In a business that nowadays tries to manufacture groups to sound a certain way NoNoNo realised that in order to maintain their integrity and to make the music they’d want to make they would have to start saying “no no no”. A courageous thing for a newly formed band to say to a label, and for that they get a lot of respect points

The group are currently finishing their debut LP for a 2014 release and its been described as “music from the heart”. I for one an looking forward to hearing more of their music because there really is nothing better then Swedish pop music.

Buy “Pumpin Blood EP” on iTunes HERE


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