UK siren and the answer to “who’s the next big thing in pop music” Foxes has just released the video for her new sing’e (due out Feb 23rd) “Let Go For Tonight” on Vevo. Foxes has been teasing us since the beginning of December with remixes and polaroid shots for the song and now finally it’s here in all it’s multicoloured messy glory.

This is also actually the first time we’ve heard the finished version of the song with the only other version being the demo from the “Warrior EP” so it’s double excitement for Foxes fans. If you know the singer or have at least watched interviews with her you’d know that this video pretty well sums up her personality. Fun, colourful and lots of cake!!!!!

The  video starts out much like her video for “Youth” very toned down with the singer and extras seated around an all white table we’re talking white food, white platters, white backgrounds, all just so much white. However when the chorus starts Foxes stands up and the table erupts into a multi coloured food fight.

The video continues he fun and frivolity from Foxes other work. This is an artist who really knows how to make fun videos and not take things too seriously which is something we adore about her. You can watch the video below for “Let Go For Tonight” and preorder her debut LP “Glorious” here.


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