A few months ago UK singer Marina & The Diamonds gave up the finale in her “Electra Heart” series with what seemed to be the death of Electra. The video (below) was like of like a retrospective or Marina’s Life as Electra Heart going through all the videos released and telling the story of her life coming to an end with a slicked back brunette Marina standing in a forest smudging the signature Heart from the era off her cheek.

The video was set to a new song that had been played as the introduction to her “Lonely Hearts Club” Tour in the last leg of the US Tour. The song titled “Electra Heart” was a heavy EDM inspired track which in all honesty was probably better then anything that had actually made it onto the album. The song sounded fresh and like something that would get peoples attention and get her some more attention and radio play then her previous works had allowed her.

Today, almost 5 months after this video was put on youtube and probably thousands of fairs illegally ripped it to add to their Marina Library the singer has made it available on iTunes as  a download. The song is basically the exact same as the video perhaps with a little tweaking here and there. The song also for those interested is copyrighted to Marina & The Diamonds and now her record label as with her previous work, I’m guessing the label mustn’t of liked it and scrapped it from the album in the first place? Either way you can do the good and right thing now and download it legally. It’s a great song so go my pretties buy, buy, but it now!

Buy the single on iTunes here.


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