Listening to Berlin trio Ballet School is like listening to Mirrah Carey whilst on the influence of some pretty heavy hallucinogenic drugs. The group consisting of vocalist Rosie Blair, guitarist Michel Collet and Louis McGuire on drums have been playing together since December in 2012 and was bought to my attention through the Last.FM app over the holidays. The group were recently signed to label Bella Union and released their first EP “Heartbreak Overdrive” onto iTunes.

To describe their sound I suppose you’d really have to call it a pop-alternative sound. There are influences from 80’s synth and RNB that can be heard through their work too. On the bands website they describe their sound and vision as;

A ballerina supporting all her body weight on the tip of her toes appears to be weightless in the eye of the public. In deep meditation, she overcomes pain to deliver a true moment of Grace. Ballet School is about learning Grace.”

And you can defiantly hear that in their music. Rosie’s melodic voice is paired with some icy guitar work and some pop rock drum work and at times in their music you can really find that moment of Grace. There hasn’t been any real set date yet as to when the group are going to release an album, just whispers here and there about studio work and such. This recommendation may be a little too alternate for some of the people out there who are more use to the mainstream pop sound, but I think if you give them a chance and listen to some of their work you may really come to love them.



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