Ke$ha’s sophomore LP “Warrior” may of been released over a year and her international tour may be winding up buy she’s showing that she’s not finished with being “Warrior” yet with the NYE release of “Dirty Love”. The song original a duet on the LP with Iggy Pop, which was then showcased as a solo on the Warrior Tour had been released as the latest single and Ke$ha’s directorial debut. 

The glittery pop star sneakily released the video onto the internet a few minutes ago and shared the link to her “animals” on Twitter. The video features the lavender and teal haired singer dancing in little to nothing in what looks like an abandoned theatre with a glittery backdrop. The singer writhes and dances around the stage and is then joined Ke$ha is then joined on the stage by two of her tours male backup dancers dressed in wigs and lingerie to go with their beards. There are also interlaced snippets of the singer in pigtails singing in a revealing nude one piece. The video ends with Ke$ha rolling around in the glittery aftermath while a voice over talks about how smut pedlars do not have the right to contaminate the public, which I’m assuming is Ke$ha’s way of hitting out at her critics. 

The song is fun, the video is funny all in all it’s just damn good pop music the way it should be. People can put down Ke$ha all they want but the girl knows how to have fun and keep it light, which is really what we all need. For a directorial debut Ke$ha’s done a damn fine job with it. It’s not sleek or elegant but that’s not really the image you get with Ke$ha, it’s the dirty gritty imagery that you want and fits the song perfectly. 


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