There’s been a lot happen for me this year that revolves around music, and later this week I will upload my “2013 A YEAR IN MUSIC” post detailing it all, but for now I’d like to share with you if I may my top 4 moments in music for 2013.

1. Meeting Lorde

I felt so damn awkward waiting around The Corner Hotel for a 16 yr old girl. I mean looking back at it I was a 20 year old guy who spent his day waiting around a venue for a small girl from New Zealand to show up so I could ask her to sign my album before the show… little creepy in retrospect but I mean doubt it’s the worse thing Lorde’s had to deal with since the fame. 

Either way when we met her she was one of the nicest people ever. She jumped out of her van and waltzed over to us waiting next to the fence waving and smiling at us. She’s such a humble girl, we actually talked about favourite pizza toppings and my friend Lauren who had previously met her on a few of her other tour dates. Also she loved my umbrella when I took it out and said she wanted one for herself, I would of given it to her too but I love my umbrella. 


2. CHVRCHES in Melbourne

If you’ve read my other post on this blog then you are no stranger to my love for the scottish trio known as “CHVRCHES.” In August this year I had primed and ready to finally get to see them live on their first Australian Tour. I had originally bought tickets to both the Sydney and Melbourne shows however money problems forced me to give up my Sydney show and just go to the one Melbourne Show.

I remember that day so clearly because I had just came from an job interview and was so tired and worn out after the mental assault of the interview. I was standing in the rain in an area across from the backstage entrance to The Corner and I remember seeing a guy standing at the loading dock and I kept on looking at him thinking “Is that Iain????” Turns out it wasn’t of course because about 10 minutes later CHVRCHES showed up in a white mini van. 

When they first got out I was smiling like a child on Christmas, I had been listening to these guys for ages and I had never actually thought that I would be lucky enough to meet them (although they had recently followed and DM’d me on twitter so my hopes were high). I first talked to Iain and Lauren whilst Martin was busy and I remember talking about the weather and Lauren saying that she thought she has escaped the cold finally coming to Australia from Glasgow. I shook hands and Martin and Iain and gave Lauren a hug. They are all really nice people. 


We talked about the most random crap while we took photos and they singed my “Recover” vinyl. I asked them about their cover of”Falling” by Haim and pushed them asking them to please cover the song tonight at the show, though they said they couldn’t. I pushed them further and that was when they slipped up and said they might perform it at Laneway next year with the girls ( at that point Haim hadn’t been confirmed by Laneway as an act so it was pretty exciting news for them to tell me).

They then left and I hung around waving as they left the venue an hour later after soundcheck. The show that night was amazing (understatement of the year to be honest). The trio really are one of the greatest synth pop acts to come out of 2013 and well deserving of all the praise that they have received.


3. Foxes @ The Toff In Town

This is another one of my insane fan-gurling stories. So from the moment I knew Foxes was coming to Australia I had been insanely tweeting her to try and set up a time to come and meet her when she was in Melbourne, because I figured that she didn’t have that big of a fan base in Australia so it might of been able to set up a meeting. I even called the venue to see when the soundcheck was to which an annoying up himself man told me to “fuck off it’s none of my business”…. Rude. 

So ultimately I spent the entire day pacing around in front of the venue sipping on a korean frappe I had bought waiting for her to arrive. There was a magician guy (who was truly horrible) outside and I was sitting on the side path looking the sign for the show when out of the corner of my eye I noticed this small girl with wide eyes leaning against the wall watching the man and smoking. I stood up and looked at her and she looked back at me and I nervously asked “Are you Foxes?” From there is was like old friends meeting for the first time in a long time. 

She launched herself onto me giving me a massive hug when I gave her a small stuffed Koala that I had bought for her. I told her I had planned to bring her a cake but after all the cake she had been tweeting recently I thought she wouldn’t want any… I was wrong. It seems there is always room for cake in Foxes life which I shall remember for when she comes back. It was such a weird moment hanging out with her, we were legit standing in the middle of the busy Elizabeth Street in Melbourne and despite all the people she seemed to interested to learn more about me. She asked about where I grew up, what I was doing at university and what kind of music I liked. It was so weird to have an artist so interested in exactly who I was and what I liked. I also showed her a little postcard-ish sized poster I had made for her because at this point her album isn’t released yet (out Feb 28th). She loved it and gave me some more hugs praising it saying she wanted a plain copy of it to put on her wall.


Foxes show that night was equally as amazing as meeting her one-on-one. She has such an insane energy during the show belting out her songs which I awkwardly sang along too a bit too loudly perhaps. It was especially amazing when she bought my Koala bear on stage and pointed me out in the crowd thanking me and even remembering my name from earlier.

Not only did Foxes sing her songs such as “Youth” and “White Coats” the former where she walked over to me and held my hand during the chorus, but she also sang a song she collaborated on with Rudimental before ending the night with her powerhouse vocals in “Clarity”. 


The night didn’t even stop there though. The venue kind of filed out after the show but I decided that I would stay behind and wait to see if I could see her again and as luck had it she did. When she came out she briefly waved at some other fans standing around then come right over to me hugged me and shook me saying “You knew all the words… I can’t believe it but you actually knew all the words to my songs, that’s amazing.” We took some drunken photos together and she took some photos with other fans waiting around but she always came back to me in between to ask me how I thought the show was and to chat before others came for photos. 

I felt so bad because it was really late and my last train was coming in 5 minutes so I had to leave the venue before saying properly goodbye to her. I found out later from a girl there that after I left she was asking where I had gone and pulled a sad face and was upset to find that I had left. Biggest regret of the year, I should of just paid the $90 cab ride home and said a proper goodbye. I cannot wait for her return to Australia in 2014 and next time i’m def bringing cake. 


4. Interviewing Natalia Kills

A few weeks ago I wrote an article for this blog called “Introducing Natalia Kills” just as a little project for myself to help anyone who didn’t know her get to know a little about her and her music. Well that little post got noticed by Cherrytree and Interscope Records and within a week I was sitting in my room waiting for a phone call from Natalia Kills herself. It’s an odd feeling getting to interview someone who you’d never thought a silly little blogging experiment would lead to. In the 52 minute phone call I gushed on about how much I loved her, she called me a “bitch” told me to “shut the fuck up” and said I would be an “interview whore” and I loved every minute.

She was so down to earth and humble talking to me, just a delight to talk to and I cannot wait till she hopefully comes to Australia so I can meet her with Martini’s and big spray at the airport. 


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