Ok so for those who aren’t from Australia and aren’t die hard fans of Lorde following her every move, performance, breathe and bead of sweat the talented 16 year old performed her single “Team” at the 2013 Aria Awards recently. This performance is probably one of my favourite TV performances of 2013. Screw Gaga dancing in seashells, Miley twerking on Robyn Thicke and Katy Perry attempting to be a boxer this performance takes the cake. 

I’ll be honest the performance isn’t some big massive production it’s actually quite simple with just a spotlight, a backing track and Lorde. However it’s this minimalism that what’s allows this performance to be amazing. You may love the big productions and I mean up until this year that was me too the bigger the better, but this year i’ve found a new found appreciation for the minimal. 

Other than the minimalism there are three main reasons to which why I have named this performance my favourite of 2013, and they are as follows;

  1. The Styling. Say what you want about Lordes look the girl knows how to dress (or maybe just her stylist does). Her hair is slicked back into a ponytail which actually gets whipped around at one point in the performance. She’s dressed in this black and white dress with exaggerated cuffs on it which makes me think of her as some type of futuristic nun of sorts. All in all it totally works, and doesn’t distract from her vocals which is also my next point.
  2. The Vocals. Girl can sing and she can sing well. Denying that Lorde has the vocals that make other artist envious is one point which was can not go past. There’s not one point where her voice falters, she belts it out and shows why she’s been one of the biggest breakthrough artist of 2013. 
  3. The Dancing (I suppose you’d call it that?). It’s like someone attached electro stimulation pads to her shoulders and down her spine and throughout the song she’s receiving shocks from her team waiting at the sides. I LOVE IT!!! It’s not an insult in the least because this is exactly how I look when I dance. 

And that my friends is why I think Lorde’s performance of “Team” at the Arias is the best performance of 2013.Watch the performance below (starting at 4:50 because it seems people in Australia are weird and we don’t upload just the performance we need the red carpet too?).


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