So I’ve talked to you about my favourite music videos, and I’ve talked about what album I’m looking forward to in 2014 so maybe it’s time I share my list of favourite albums of 2013. 2013 has been a mixed review for me, there was a slow start to the year and really a slow middle too. Things really didn’t become amazing till the last two quarters of the year and even then I was a little let down by some releases that I thought were going to be amazing. On the other hand however I found some unexpected amazingnss in albums this year too. 

So without further ado here is my list of favourite albums of 2013. p.s click on the title of the album for link to the iTunes page.



Zedd has given 2012-2013 some of the biggest EDM/Dance hits with “Clarity feat Foxes” and “Stay The Night feat Hayley Williams”. However if you can bring yourself to look past that you’ll discover that his LP Clarity (Deluxe Edition) is hiding away a lot more great tracks such as “Shave It Up” and “Stache”. Zedd is one of my youngest most talented producers/artist out there at the moment, everyone wants to be on a track by him at the moment + if his music hasn’t sold you he’s pretty much a 6 year old trapped in a 24 yr olds body.



Charli XCX busted onto the scene over the past few years with a series of mix tapes and an EP out last year (she even toured Australia with Parklife last year). This year saw her debut LP “True Romance” be released with a giant sigh of relief from fans because it was FINALLY IN OUR HANDS!!! The LP featured a host of songs that had been heard on mixtapes and EP’s such as “Nuclear Season” “You’re The One”, along with some catchy alternate dance tracks like “You (Ha Ha Ha)” and “Take My Hand”. “True Romance” is like a dance album for those alternate hipsters types that might be a little too good to let people know they like dance but feel that Charli XCX is just alternate enough to hide their love for those happy happy dance songs. 




“My Name Is Kay” by Canadian MC/Singer Kay say limited release across the world with some places receiving a full LP and some being downgraded to an EP. The LP is full of heavy dance tracks that will get you off your ass and dancing until the early hours of the night. My favourite tracks are “My Name Is Kay” and “I Ain’t Gonna Cry” both huge tracks on the album filled with emotion that I’m sure you will fall in love with. 



This album was one of the most anticipated albums of 2013, and that probably worked against it. I think the hype outweighed the material we were given in the end. Not to say the album isn’t great I mean songs like “MANiCURE”, “Gypsy” and “G.U.Y” are brilliant tracks, it’s just that it was hyped up for so long I mean it could never live up to the expectations put on it. The song is fun and mixes a lot of genres, it’s different and that’s why it’s made my list. It doesn’t bow to the conventions, it makes it’s own musical statement. 




Hi if you haven’t heard of this album or at least the song “Royals” this past year then you must of been living in out of space cause this New Zealander was E V E R Y W H E R E!!!! And for good reason I might add. Lorde gives us a RNB and dark synth alternate pop hits mixed with her bittersweet vocals all in all which make a superb album which is well deserving of the praise it’s gotten this year. 



Bad bitch Natalia Kills returned this year with the rock edge follow up to her debut LP with “Trouble”. Natalia certainly made a statement with this album, laying down on the table for us all the things that could of and did go wrong in her life tied up in a neat little album. “Trouble” bust out hard tribal drum driven tracks like “Controversy”, “Stop Me” which is then met by the soulful and sad ballads like “Saturday Night” and Marlboro Lights”. But don’t get me wrong there are some fun tracks in there too like “Rabbit Hole” and “Daddy’s Girl” which you can dance to.



Havana Brown has long been known as one of the top DJ’s out there but this year she released her first EP “Flashing LIghts” as a solo artist. The album which is fuelled majorly by the production of superstar producer “RED ONE” offers a load of club friendly dance tracks which were built to rave. Songs like “Warrior”, “Ba*Bing” and “Someone To Love” really showcase Havana as an artist and lead me hoping for more music from her soon.



Aussie indie/rock band Goldfields released this LP early this year and since then the group have gone on to performer internationally across festivals and their own solo tour. This little Aussie synth/rock band have really shown the Aussie spirit fighting for their music, living on next to nothing while touring to promote their album. Songs like “Dark Again” and “Meet My Friends” show the bands unique sound and cool vibe.



It’s Britney Bitch, the bitch is back and you betta work bitch….bitch. Fuelled by Will.i.Am as the executive producer for this album Britney came back with this album filled with some club hits and a surprisingly country-ish duet with her little sister. Britney shows us not to count her out of the title of pop queen, she may of been down and forgotten and fighting at half strength these past years but 2013 she’s here to fight. 



It saddens me that most of you probably haven’t heard of HURTS. Manchester group Theo and Adam gave us their second LP “Exile” this year continuing their synth and rock marriage. “Cupid” and “Miracle” became instant faves of mine. “Miracle” has this big crashing chorus which is impossible to not fall in love with, so I suggest you listen and listen now. 



This album from Panic! harks back to the good old days of “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out”. The album is full of little delights like “Nicotine” and “Miss Jackson feat Lolo” and “Vegas Lights” all of which will thrill the senses and take you back to those good days of first hearing Panic! when you were like 13 or something. 



You know how they say leave the best to last well that’s totally what I’m doing right now. This album is my all time, hands down, no exceptions FAVOURITE ALBUM OF 2013 if not the past three years in music tbh. Every song is brilliant in it’s own and when put together they just work so well as a collection. “Lies” is a big beat song which gives me goosebumps still, “Night Sky” is a very pop rock band type of song, whilst songs like “Gun,” “Under The Tide” and “The Mother We Share” are synthy goodness. I cannot praise this album or the trio more then I already have to be honest they really are simply the best… better than all the rest… (I’ll stop the Tina Turner lyrics now.)


So that is my wrap up of my favourite albums of 2013, I hope we share some in common and I cannot wait for 2014 and what lays ahead in music for us. 


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