In a strange turn of events this little blog recently got some notice from Cherrytree Records early last week. From that initial notice things kind of progressed and before I knew it I was sitting in the study staring at my phone waiting for a phone call from the dark princess of pop Miss Natalia Kills. I had never interviewed anyone before (which you can clearly tell from the audio posted below) but there I was waiting to talk to one of my favourite artists.

Natalia was of course a darling, although sometimes I swear she was making some jokes at me but it really didn’t matter to me, I mean she is Natalia Kills. During our conversation we talked about her second LP “Trouble” her work with Jeff Bhasker, touring around the world, her three must have’s for summer, suicide attempts and bad breakups as well as her fans, fashion and the LGBT community. I do hope you enjoy listening to this little interview of mine as much as I had fun having it with her. The audio is 24 minutes edited down from 53 minutes, which is funny considering Interscope told me I only had 15.


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