The name is Kills. Natalia Kills… and that name should be known in every household but for some reason the UK singer Natalia Kills appears to one of the most underrated artist of our generation. Her life story is like what all good movies  are made of, money, riches, diamonds, losing it all, a father in jail, running away to America to live in $50 a night hotels all the while dreaming about being  a star bad record deals, bad boyfriends, until a the record deal with Interscope/Cherrytree that changed her life.

There are no arguments over who truly wears the crown of dark anti-pop music, there is only one queen here and that is Natalia Kills. Her brand of dark sultry music sets her apart from the crowds of other pop bitches trying to find the spotlight. She has a sleek, classic gothic image about herself, with her slick dark hair and obsession with leather and gold, she has a taste for the finer things in life.

She busted onto the scene in 2010 with the heavy synth pop track “Mirrors” which was accompanied by one of the most visually stunning and artist videos that I had ever seen. Kill’s first album Perfectionist was released in late 2011 and showcased the singers amazing vocals and song writing skills. Perfectionist was a mixed album drawing from different genres of pop, electronica, dark pop and even a little bit of rap in some of the songs. The album contained happy pop songs about killing your boyfriends, and produced videos that looked like they were destined for the big screen and even some ballads that could easily bring a tear to your eye. However the album seems to just be released at the wrong time for Kills and hype from other artist overshadowed her and the album never really grew on the general public but never less gathered a cult following from her fans.

Two years past for Kills, she toured over the world on her own tour as well as opening for the likes of Katy Perry and Ke$ha, she then seemed to disappear into the studio where she rejoined with Jeff Bahskerr to start work on the second album. In mid 2012 she released the song “Controversy” which bought to light a much more gritty less polished side of Kills. Natalia teased fans with snippets and lyrics via her twitter page talking about the album as telling the complete story of every fuck up and moment that had gone wrong in her life.

2013 saw the release of Natalia’s second LP “TROUBLE” which was lead by the hard gritty stripper-esq song “Problem”. With Trouble Natalia took a measured turn away from the synths of her last album, creating an album that draws more reference in ti’s production from a 1950’s and 1980’s vibe. The album is full of heartfelt ballads that will bring a tear to anyone’s eye and dirty gritty songs that make you want to down some shots and hit the darkest bar you can find. The second single “Saturday Night” is a ballad with an almost Nancy Sinatra vibe to it. Saturday Night is something of a true gem from any single released this year, it’s sincere, honest, and full of emotion in it’s lyrics.

Natalia Kills is simply put one of the most stunning, interesting, kick ass bad girls in music at the moment, her music has soul, feeling, catchy production qualities and gives you a real sense of her story whilst being some of the funnest music to listen to.





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