“The Bones Of What You Believe” is the debut album from Scottish trio CHVRCHES. In less then a year CHVRCHES have come out of nowhere online to being everywhere. From their solo worldwide tour, appearing on TV shows all around the world and playing at some of the biggest festivals on the international scale this small Glaswegian band have came pretty far from studio sessions in a basement.

The groups debut “The Bones Of What You Believe” is more then just a modern dirty electro record, the album draws influences from big beat, classic hip hop and 80’s music to blend together to make the trio’s unique sound. The album features the singles “Gun”, “Recover”, “The Mother We Share” and my personal favourite “Lies”, as well as a host of other stand out tracks that will having you wondering why you hadn’t listened to the album sooner.

The lead singer Lauren Mayberry’s vocals are truly amazing throughout the album, such a small girl is able to produce such big notes and range throughout the album. While Lauren may be the main vocalist for the group Martin Doherty joins in two songs “You Caught The Light” and “Under The Tide”, the later being a stand out on the album for myself. The production on this album is dirty but that’s what makes the groups music so interesting. Nothing is too polished, there are tears around the edges and it sets the album apart.

“The Bones Of What You Believe” is a perfect title for the groups debut LP. The album serves as a statement piece for the group. This is CHVRCHES, this is our music, this is us, this is The Bones Of What WE Believe.



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