On the cold rainy night of November 13th The Toff In Town opened it’s doors for a show by UK singer Foxes, and I’ll be honest judging from be talk in the room before hand people Only really seemed to know her work with ZEDD on Clarity, but they were about to learn that she’s more then just a featuring artist. Around 10 the crowd was all in the small venue which was lit entirely by red light making it a interesting atmosphere for the show.

The curtains opened and Foxes entered the stage in energetic strides accompanied by a koala bear toy which she waved at the audience throughout the 50 minute set. Foxes sang, danced, and entertained the crowd her voice flawless and angelic at all times. For such a young and relatively new performer her stage presence and ability to captivate and hold an audience was stunning.

The show saw some performances of songs from her new album “Glorious” which is set for release in February as well as some songs that had already seen an iTunes release such as White Coats, Youth and Shaking. During the soft performance of Night Glo a soft, gentle and very raw song Foxes vocals were on point. She has such a unique and sweet voice which really sets her apart from others in pop music at the moment.

During “Youth” her new Foxes face lit up as the crowds energy rose and began to sing the song with her. When talking to Foxes after the show she described the moment as “insane” having thought that people would only know Clairty that it had came as a wonderful surprise when the crowd started to sing the song.

After a cover of a Rudimental song Foxes left the stage waving goodbye with her koala bear but the crowd wasn’t ready to let her go just yet chanting and cheering wanting 1 more song. It was then that she returned to the stage performing a stripped back version of Clarity her collaboration with ZEDD which then transitioned into the studio version complete with a jumping wild mosh pit.

Foxes may only still be relatively new on the music scene but this UK singer has a real future. Her vocals live are truly something to marvel at, I’ve never heard a singer sound so good live as I have when I had the opportunity to watch her, and I would strongly recommend you download her single “Youth” on iTunes and remember to get tickets to her show when she returns next.





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