This years XFactor AU has really produced some amazing talent, and in a what should of been done since season one of the show Sony Music has signed all four of the finalist to the label and released singles for all of them, and thank god they did because THIRD D3GREE’s single is mind blowing. THIRD D3GREE were eliminated by the public just before the final which means that we never got to see the single performed live on the show which is a shame because the song rips apart all the other contestant singles and spits them out.

“Different Kind Of Love” produced by LA based Producer Captain Cuts is an electro-pop/hip hop/club thumper. It’s an amazing track which really shows why these three who were put together by the shows judges in bootcamp went on to get so far in the competition. The song is a wild dance track with electro/dupstep dare I say it esq breakdowns and vocal effects from the trio. Jacinta and Jordan both take verses singing throughout the track and Kelebeck shows off her skills rapping a verse.

The trio have everything it takes to become a power group in the music business and I hope Sony look after them right and we get to hear more music from them in the future. Check out “Different Kind Of Love” below and buy it now on iTUNES here


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