In a strange move from Sony Music this years final four have all had their “winners” singles released onto iTunes and a physical release. This may seem a little unfair on the winner Dami who know has all her fellow finalist releasing their music when usual Sony stops this in order to encourage the winners single to the public. But seeing as they’re out there now I figure we may as well talk about them right?

Taylor Henderson was the runner up technically to the show with his song “Borrow My Heart” which it seems Sony really didn’t wanna fork out a lot to pay writers for this song with what is probably the silliest lyrics i’ve heard in a finalist song “love is a feeling that you feel”…. wow…. ground breaking…. just wow. The idiotic lyrics aside XFactor got it right with the production and feel for Taylor, “Borrow My Heart” is a folksy, alternate, soft rock song that could easily be mistaken for a Passenger or Mumford And Sons song at first listen. Taylor has superb vocal talent and it’s clear why he was one of the final two in the competition, he’s a heartthrob and amazing talented singer who I’m sure will go far.

Taylor Henderson’s “Borrow My Heart” is now available on iTunes HERE.


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