October saw the release of Canadian artists Kay’s album which is entitled “My Name Is Kay” just incase you forget her name I suppose. The LP release is a fun up-beat funky album filled of dance, party hits just waiting to explode into the charts. “My Name Is Kay” see’s the return of some old favourites from the EP days such as “My Name Is Kay”, “Diddy Dum” as well as some newer single releases such as “Alive” and the fun song “Whatever.”

There is a real mixture to the album showing Kay’s versatility there’s EDM inspired songs such as “It’s Over” and “Next To You”, some RNB pop like “My Name Is Kay” and “Diddy Dum,” then thrown in are some pop power club songs like “I Ain’t Gonna Cry” which is my favourite from the album. The music is infectious and uplifting, it leaves a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Kay has come a long was from her first EP releases to this album which serves as a showcase of her evolving skills and vocal ability.

My Name Is Kay is available to download from iTunes HERE.


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