Last night almost exactly as it touched midnight here in Australia and became my birthday the alarm bells went out that ARTPOP was leaking from Japan onto the internet, and at first it was just like OMFG what a great birthday present for myself, then I listened to the music. Maybe it’s just me but after listening to her iTunes festival set for the past month or so some of the mastered finished products really don’t live up to iTunes fest performances. So here’s my little comparison of each of the songs and which version I think is just better really.


Hands down iTunes festival wins. The album version is missing that screeching first verse which is my favourite part of the entire song. The production remains basically the same but now the first verse sounds flat and lifeless in comparison, so first round goes to iTunes.

iTunes:1 Album:0


MANiCURE was my favourite from iTunes festival and it remains my favourite from the album. The new added lines during the chorus sound a bit strange at first because I loved the whole repetition of the chorus but it’s a great song. I really cannot choose between the two…. so it’s a tie 1 point for each.

iTunes:2 Album:1


I am really glad to hear ARTPOP in a studio finally because it’s the most intriguing song that she performed at iTunes festival. Now listening to ARTPOP studio the verse vocals reverb annoys the shit out of me. There’s too much echo in the vocals for my liking where as the live version sounds cleaner, less distorted and echo-y.

iTunes:3 Album:1

4. JEWELS AND DRUGS feat T.I, Too Short & Twista

This song was a let down at iTunes but now hearing the studio version of the song I think I’ve developed a new liking for this song. The irrelevant rap is still annoying, but the studio is much better to listen to then the iTunes. I still laugh at the “slap honey on your pancake” lyric.

iTunes:3 Album:2


Another stand out from iTunes this song is another that really stands out on the album. I like them both, although the deeper live vocals seem to fit the song better for me. Now the album version is great until we get to the chorus and now there’s an added “You were in my” during the grinding synth, which is distracting and makes the song sound less dirty and more messy. I want to call it a tie but I know in my head that I love the iTunes festival better.

iTunes:4 Album:2


Swine isn’t for me. I’ve always said that I just do not like EDM music and this is the most EDM track on the album produced by ZEDD. That being said the album version is just that little bit more bearable then the live version.

iTunes:4 Album:3


With Dope I stand here thinking…. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE!!! The first time I heard this song I cried and thought that it was beautiful, now the lyrics have changed completely (the melody hasn’t) and it just sounds stupid. “I’d rather be poor and happy then rich and alone” is now “I keep on searching for an answer cause I need you more then dope.” Why take a beautiful song and turn it into a song how you need the guy more then Dope…. it just… I can’t even.

iTunes:5 Album:3


Said it from the beginning Gaga performs Applause better live then she does on the studio. There’s a harshness and roughness in her voice which is just A++

iTunes:6 Album:3

So there we have it, in my opion the live ep wins over the studios, but that’s not a bad thing, just makes me more excited to see her tour and hear them live.


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