The 11th of this month was the release of what can probably be called the best thing Australia had contributed to “pop” music this year in the form of Havana Browns debut album “Flashing Lights”. Australia is pretty flimsy when it comes to contributing internationally to the pop music scene, our XFactor contestants disappear 3 weeks after the show ends and those that stick around never seem to break internationally, however Flashing Lights has the potential to do so.

The album leads with the first single “Warrior” an EDM club inspired song that has an uplifting spirit about it. It’s one of those songs you listen to when you’re feeling down but not defeated and the song is perfectly tailored for radio and clubs. The album features three songs that were previously released on Havana’s EP “We Run The Night”, “Big Banana” and “You’ll Be Mine” an it’s clear why they were included on the album it’s because they’re amazing catchy songs, however it does feel as though they could of forfeited there space for new music especially We Run The Night being two years old now.

Of the new songs on the album “Ba*Bing”, “Naughty”, “Someone To Love” “One More Time and “No Tomorrow” are the other clear standouts for me. Ba*Bing is driven by a heaven drum and bass line and Naughty is another EDM esque inspired song which is will get great play in a Club. No Tomorrow and Someone To Love are ballad like songs that are still driven and upbeat but the lyrics are really something to listen to it. No Tomorrow is a song that’s like you’ve been broken down by someone but you’re not gonna be down forever you’re getting back up and going at it cause there’s No Tomorrow.

If there are any flaws to pick with the album they’ve have to be that “Flashing Lights” and “Any1” kind of feel out of place on the album to me. They’re not bad songs but they just seem lacking compared to the other songs on the album to me.

This is as I’ve said probably the best Australian pop/dance album of 2013 in all honesty and has the real potential to compete in the big international charts. For my overall rating of the album I’d give it a 7/10




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