November 8th say the release of the hugely anticipated 3rd studio album from Lady Gaga ARTPOP one of the most talked about albums of 2013. 2013 has been a little bet of a let down with the big name releases so there was a lot riding on this album to show that the big wigs […]

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On Monday CHVRCHES finally gave us what we’ve been waiting for through all the teaser shots and hints and that was the music video for “Lies” as directed by Sing J Lee. The video features quick cuts between scenes of suited men running down hallways and in offices, a couple having a loving dinner watching […]

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Manchester duo “Avec Sans” released their new single “Shiver” into the world a few days ago available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from their Facebook Page HERE. Shiver is a bit of a fun catchy pop song with a little less of a hard electro-pop edge unlike “The Answer”. Shiver sounds bubblegum sweet and is a perfect […]

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October saw the release of Canadian artists Kay’s album which is entitled “My Name Is Kay” just incase you forget her name I suppose. The LP release is a fun up-beat funky album filled of dance, party hits just waiting to explode into the charts. “My Name Is Kay” see’s the return of some old […]

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