Indie Electronica Pop music or lets just call it “Indietronic” is a genre of music that has really had big year in 2013 with the blog buzz from artist such as “CHVRCHES” and “Gold Fields” etc and one of the latest groups to make a splash onto the internet boosted Indietronic scene is Brooklyn based group “Little Daylight”.

The group consisting of friends Nikki, Matt and Eric started in a lake house studio they had lent to them by a friend, the group had been bought together because they had original records that they wished to record and the three felt they had a sensibility about themselves that they all knew what they wanted to sound like. From this initial studio lake house session came the groups remix’s of Passion Pitt and Edward Sharpe which gained great buzz amongst the online blog community. On the success of these remixes the group uploaded an original track “Overdose” to their sound cloud account and from there things have just been getting better and better for the group.

Little Daylights sound is like the old legends of “Blondie” and “Fleetwood Mac” joined forces with new age “CHVRCHES” and “Florence + The Machine” to create some kind of sonic love together. The bands sound is fresh, loud, fun and POP to it’s core which makes it exciting to listen to and appealing across the wide range of people from indie lovers, to electronica enthuiast and pop people.

The groups latest EP “Tunnel Vision” is now available on iTunes but I also suggest listening to some of their earlier work on their sound cloud such as Overdose, all of which is of course tacked on at the end of this post for your convenience





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