I’m sure most of everyone would of heard the recent rumours that BDO is set to be bought out and become an Australian leg of Lollapalooza and to be honest did anyone else already see this coming?

2013 has been a craptacular year Aussie festivals with acts pulling out left and right, venues changing and eventually for a not so small proportion of festivals Cancellation, such as Harvest Fest. Aussie promoters just are really suffering this year, but maybe they wouldn’t be if they actually listened to what the public wanted?

Festivals normally are marketed to a certain market, but I mean tradition is all good and stuff but times are changing. Australia has so many alternate/metal festivals yet the majority of the population probably doesn’t even listen to half the bands that get chosen to play, or the market for them is small. People blame the dying music industry but artists have had record breaking solo tours on their own? So you can’t really
blame it on that.

In my eyes the answer is simple, and that’s that promoters need to lay off these smaller niche markets that match the history of a festival and perhaps start thinking outside the box and look into the music that’s sells to the masses and thus would entice people to come to the festival. One such example of promoters and festival exec thinking about the market has been recently with the Laneway 2014 announcement. The festival is brining artist such as Haim, Lorde and CHVRCHES to Australia, big names from now that will draw in numbers and sell tickets, in my mind it all comes down to supply and demand and Laneway has got it right, so why can’t other festivals follow suit instead of complaining about poor ticket sales and having to face off international buyouts?


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