Unless you’re really into Swedish pop music theres a high chance that you’ve probably never heard of the group Kate Boy, but now I think is the time to sit down and listen because you’re really missing out. The group made of one Aussie and four Swedish guys were bought to my attention early this year through the Last.Fm app with their song “Northern Lights.” Whilst the band may still be young only working together now for little under a year when you listen to their music you can clearly see that they have a vision and a unique sound and know exactly who they are.


Trying to label them is hard because they sound just so different from what most people have heard, but if I had to explain their sound to the general public I would say it’s very atmospheric and sombre, you have to listen to it up loud to truly appreciate the deep bass and synth created by the group and the piercing sometimes husky lead vocals. In the little time space that the group have been together though they have released two EP’s “Northern Lights” and “The Way We Are” and have been touring all over Europe and America in festivals and their own headlining tour.


Kate Boy’s sound and image is quite minimalistic in it’s essence the  groups first single “Northern Lights” has a very groovy 80’s bass line that will leave you nodding your head in time to the beat. Their music videos are shot in black and white and use shadows and contrast to create the drama, there’s no big budget videos for the group but they’ve proved all they need is a camera, some neon lights and black clothing to make an amazing video such as their “The Way We Are” video.


Check out Kate Boys “The Way We Are” video below and pop on over to iTunes to give the bands EP’s a listen and download to support this amazing group.

Kate Boy on iTunes


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