Scottish trio CHVRCHES (pronounced CHURCHES) have come a long way since being a basement Indietronic band releasing “Lies” onto soundcloud, to playing stadiums opening for Depeche Mode and festivals like SXSW. It was an honour when on August 5th the group played to a sold out crowd at Melbourne’s The Corner Hotel.

The stage was shrouded in darkness as the electronic distorted voice with the monologue of Prince’s “Lets Get Crazy” filled The Corner before being followed by the heavy beat drops that sounded the beginning of the first song “Lies”. The group truly are a sight to see on a live stage they have a stage presence that seemed to make the small venue feel like a stadium show.

Throughout the 1 hr 13 song set there wasn’t really a low point to the show. Lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry showed that good things do some in small packages belting out powerhouse notes and rising in with bittersweet melodies never drowned out or overshadowed by the heavy synth and drums from the songs. CHVRCHES are a band that admit with their act it would be easy for them to bring a boom box on stage press play and let Lauren sing, however this is one thing they never want to become. Iain plays bass and synth throughout the show whilst Martin plays synth, a sample pad and even features as a vocalist in both back up capacity and front man during “Under The Tide” which was the most highly energetic performance I’ve ever seen from an indie electronic band.

The highlights of the show for me personally were the songs Lies (the loudest most drum heavy song you’ve ever heard made by a synth), We Sink (pounding beat, head bopping music), Night Sky (the chorus alone is enough to bring a tear to your eye, it’s just simply AMAZEBALLS), and Under The Tide (an upbeat high energetic performance from Martin where at time we thought he might actually jump into the crowd from having some type to epileptic fit).

CHVRCHES will be returning again to Australia in 2014 for Laneway Fest and fingers crossed will be having a side tour again. I would highly recommend going to one of their shows, you will not be disappointed that’s for damn sure.

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