Porcelain Black – Pop Star long time in the making or Industries biggest flop?


Porcelain Black, you may have heard the name somewhere back in 2011 after she had just signed onto RedOne’s label and was teasing us all with single releases, music videos and promises on Twitter that her debut album was coming soon… smash cut to 2013, still waiting for second singles music video, waiting for an album release date, still waiting for pretty much everything that we were promised in 2011. 

So what’s is going on? Is there every going to be any material to back up all the trash talk she’s had on twitter with various established artist? Or is Porcelain Black the music industries biggest joke?


Lets backtrack a few years and go through the steps that have lead us to where we are today. 

  • At 18 (she’s now 27) Porcelain is signed to Virgin Records under the name Porcelain And The Tramps
  • The record label didn’t agree with the music she was recording and wanted to change her style
  • Porcelain spent 3 years trying to get out of the contract releasing no new music and basically falling off the map
  • 2009 Porcelain now using the name Porcelain Black signed to RedOne’s label under Universal Imprint and begins work on her debut album
  • 2011 This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like and Naughty Naughty are released as official singles
  • TIWRNRLL gets an official video and Porcelain tours performing songs opening for other acts and club tours by herself
  • 2011 Porcelain teases album debut in 2012
  • 2012 album name constantly changes between Black Rainbow and Mannequin Factory
  • Fans are promised a third single and an album debut as well as a music video to Naughty Naughty
  • Mid 2012 Black released official track listing via her Twitter account, promises album release soon
  • Late 2012 news of album being shuffled back, RedOne releases Swallow My Bullet not as a single, continuing promises of new single and album in late 2012 release
  • December 2012 RedOne and Porcelain both on separate occasions  state third single coming out end of January beginning of February titled “Mama Forgive Me”
  • January/February 2013 no news
  • Late February Porcelain tweets she’s back in the studio recording new music attacks and blocks fans on Twitter who talk about their unhappiness with the constant rescheduling
  • Early 2013 Porcelain tweets big things coming, filming two music videos
  • Now, after months of silence and no news, Porcelain Black re-emmerges with a new look and a seemingly new sound performing a secret show, no news on album release or single release

To put this in perspective, in the time just between Porcelain joining RedOne’s label and teasing an album release other artist have released multiple albums, completed international tours, and even new artist that have only been in the business for one year have completed albums and gone on tours. Maybe it’s just me alone here thinking this but what is going on with her? Her management must be horrible if she’s constantly faced with delays, reschedules, and hold ups. Her release (whenever that will be supposedly late 2013) better be ground breaking to be honest after all the shade and arguments she’s made on Twitter over other artist and their work.

So Porcelain in your own words “you wanna talk the talk get up and show me your walk!” or she runs the risk of being the music industries biggest joke.

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One thought on “Porcelain Black – Pop Star long time in the making or Industries biggest flop?

  1. I think they are just fucking with her. I discovered her 3 years ago and I am dying to get my hands on a new set of songs. If anything, I think it just goes to show you how fucked up the music industry is sometimes. Just let her put the damn album out for fuck sake!!!

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